Course: Evidence-Based Practice

  • Audience:

    PICU and NICU healthcare professionals

  • Course description:

    A self-paced online course highly relevant to all PICU and NICU healthcare professionals.  This is a basic overview of Evidence Based Practice and how to read and interpret different paper types. Please note that this course does not cover understanding statistical tests and data analysis.

  • Course topics:
    • Overview of evidence-based practice
    • How to implement research finding into practice
    • How to read and review a quantitative research paper
    • Reading and interpreting a qualitative research paper
    • Reading and interpreting a systematic review
    • Turning your clinical problem into a research question
  • Hours:

    3 hours

  • Pricing:
    • ESPNIC Members: 50€
    • NON ESPNIC Members: 120€
    • Unit: 500€ (10 people maximum)
  • Dates:
    • Start: September 12 2022 
    • End:  November 12 2022
  • Note:

    The course is self-paced and can be accessed for a duration of 3 months from September 12th 2022 until November 12th 2022.

    After November 12th 2022, the course will no longer be available so please aim to complete the course within the 3-month access period.

    The course concludes with an assessment that can be taken at any time during the access period.

    A passing mark of 75% is required to receive a certificate of successful completion of the course


Registration open until October-12-2022